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  • OEM Full-auto Stretch Hood Packaging Line with Robot
    OEM Full-auto Stretch Hood Packaging Line with Robot
    OEM Full-auto Stretch Hood Packaging Line with Robot1.      This system is applicable for pallet packing and production line packing with different sizes. It can be used for heavy duty packing such as glass bottles, construction materials, white household appliance and etc.2.      Sensors are used to detect the size of the incoming good. Different length of the stretch hood is produced according to the detected signal.3.      The scale of stretching is controlled according to the size of the good.4.      Programmable PLC and touch screen are used for clear display and easy operation.5.      Gear reducers and inverters are used to control mechanical movements.Option:Auto film-roll switching system: A new film-roll will automatically be switched in when the original film-roll is used up. This prevents the stopping of production line for film loading. 
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