Specializing in making biodegradable plastic bag making machines and stretch hood packing machines about 20 years.
Best flip phone case Factory Price - Longhua

Best flip phone case Factory Price - Longhua

Longhua Best flip phone case Factory Price - Longhua



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Longhua  needs to be checked and evaluated. It is checked with regard to shrinkage, oil and water repellency, print durability, seam performance, and side seam twist performance.


1.Q: Is there any other thing I should know about Longhua?
A: With about 20 years of experience in the industry, Longhua deeply understands the importance of R&D and put in more than 20% of human resource in this department. Moreover, customized products are available here to provide more suitable products for you.
2.Q: How long is the warranty period?
A: All of our machines have one year warranty.
3.Q: Can Longhua provide OEM service to customers?
A: Yes,we can.More than 80% of our orders are SPECIAL DESIGNED based on our customers’ requirement.

About Longhua

SHANTOU LONGHUA PACKING MAHICNERY CO., LTD. is a comprehensive mechanical manufacturing enterprise with research, development, production and sales, which is specializing in making plastic & degradable bag making machines and stretch hood packing machines about 20 years. LONGHUA MAHICNERY was founded in 2003 and covers an area of 15,000m2 equipped with professional processing equipments.We are professional in designing & manufacturing T-shirt bag making machine, bottom sealing bag making machine, side sealing bag making machine, bag on-roll bag making machine ,three sides sealing bag making machine, laminated material bag making machine, stretch hood packing machine and cutting machine. Closely with international advanced production technology, we put in more than 30% human resource into R&D. Holding 15 patents and awarded with "High-tech Enterprise” since 2015. Our wicket bag making machine, tensionless bottom sealing bag machine & stretch hood packing machine have reach the leading level in the industry. We have developed customers all over the world for years, such as Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa and got great reputation. We offer OEM service to customers.More than 80% of our bag machines &stretch hood packing machines are special designed to our customers. LONGHUA aims to provide higher quality and more advanced bag machines& stretch hood packing machines to customers,together with strict production management.We are willing to cooperate

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